Premier Ultra® Burnish Masonry Units Meet Law Enforcement Building’s Fire and Acoustic Requirements

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Premier Ultra® Burnish Masonry Units Meet Law Enforcement Building’s Fire and Acoustic Requirements

The Safety & Weight Enforcement Facility outside of Superior, WI says it all in its title—this building’s purpose is safety and law enforcement. The facility’s design and building material advance this purpose. A sturdy and official look was achieved with the use of Premier Ultra® Burnished Masonry Units accented with decorative Splitface Concrete Masonry Units, both supplied by County Materials Corporation. Most importantly, concrete masonry units also imparted strength, high fire resistance ratings, exceptional acoustic ratings and the ability to withstand abuse.

The building’s exterior was constructed with several different courses in varying colors, sizes and textures. The architectural firm, Vantage Architects, Inc., strategically selected each color, to enhance the desired sturdy and official look of this government facility. The base courses are comprised of 7x15 Premier Ultra Burnished Units in Firebrush, a deep red color, which is the darkest block on the wall. The choice of a dark color at the bottom gives the appearance of rooting the building into the ground and creates a contrast with the lighter colored units that comprise the rest of the building.

Five bands of half high splitface units in Desert Edge, a deep tan color, wrap around the facility, breaking up the wall design. Their split face finish adds dimension to the wall. The rest of the building was constructed with Northstar colored 7⅝x7⅝ and 7⅝x15⅝ Premier Ultra Burnished Units. The facility’s interior uses the same Northstar 7⅝x15⅝ Premier Ultra Burnished Unit found on the exterior.

In a building that houses both office spaces and large maintenance bays, safety and noise reduction were key requirements. Premier Ultra units offered the high fire and acoustical rating necessary for this project. Their high ratings in addition to their versatility and aesthetics were all key factors leading to their use in this building.

Since opening in the summer of 2016, the facility has successfully managed Hwy 2 and 53 near Superior, WI. Sitting close the highway, commuters can easily see the new facility and feel confident in their local law enforcement.

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