Impromptu Design Changes Made Easy with County Materials’ Hardscape Products

Impromptu Design Changes Made Easy with County Materials’ Hardscape Products

Product Colors:

Serenity and Reflection (Elements Paving Stones), Timeless (Summit Stone)


New Franken, WI

Nature and craftsmanship coalesced with this project to create an outdoor living space that exemplifies beauty, luxury, and all the amenities the homeowner desired. Getting to this final masterpiece required overcoming many obstacles and challenges that proved too much for several contractors who decided not to take the job. Economically, this project was an extreme undertaking that provided a rewarding result for both the homeowner and Lizer Landscaping when completed.

The first challenge was the requirement by the homeowner to work within a confined area of an already existing retaining wall and steps. An existing retaining wall extended out from the house and curved inward to create large steps up to the backyard. The homeowner desired to keep this feature to reduce costs, and because structurally and visibly, there were no issues with the wall. For Lizer Landscaping, this restricted the space to work. The overall design had to be within these constraints, so maneuvering equipment posed a significant challenge.

Another challenge was working around an ash tree in the middle of the backyard. The contractor took extra care in designing around the tree and preventing any damage to the tree and its root system. The contractor avoided using crushed gravel over the top of the tree roots and did not utilize any heavy machinery. Also, Lizer Landscaping crews installed perforated pipes underneath most of the project to collect and convey storm water away from the home.

Elements Paving Stones™ in Serenity and Reflection colors were the ideal product for this project. Elements modular design, unique color profiles, and overall reliability makes them a preferred choice for Lizer Landscaping.

After much of the pavers were laid, the homeowner requested the addition of five fire features and several water features. The contractor understood that meant redoing a good portion of the project, however, working with pavers meant only a few rows of pavers would need to be lifted out of place to run the gas and water lines. The pavers were then simply replaced. These completed fire and water features were constructed with Summit Stone® Landscaping Units, and elevate this back yard retreat compared to the typical outdoor living spaces in the area.  

The contractor also persuaded the homeowner to think outside the box on the overall design of the project. Their recommendation was a color scheme that contrasted with the home to create emphasis on the back patio’s distinct look. Also, the contractor explained the overall design should be made up of more rounded spaces versus square, which helps create a natural and inviting atmosphere. County Materials’ diverse line of hardscape products made the exemplary design possible.

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