Tribute® Retaining Wall System Overcomes Site Challenges

Product Colors:

Silvertone (Tribute), Timeless (Grand Milestone), Reflection (Elements Paving Stone), Timeless (Summit Stone)


Suamico, WI


Lizer Landscape

Solution: Engineered Wall Builds Raised Patio, Easy-to-use Pin System


The biggest challenge on this project stemmed from an unfortunate surprise. The contractor knew this property sat on a high-water table, so they anticipated that water might be an issue. What came as a surprise was running into an underground spring in the location for a large retaining wall. This unforeseen water issue was overcome through proper engineering and  installation of a proven retaining wall system: The Tribute® Retaining Wall System manufactured by County Materials. 

The contractor ensured stability in the area by excavating down several extra feet and filling with 3/4 inch aggregate for a stable base. Tribute Retaining Wall System was selected because of its easy-to-use pin system that offers the ability to create a curved wall with reliable stability. The product also offered a natural aesthetic, an important goal for this large wall. 

The main objective for this project was to create several different outdoor living areas that provide a unique experience and different views for the homeowners and guests. The raised patio overlooks the rest of the property. Summit Stone® Landscape Units were utilized to create a separate lounging area with a small seat wall, pillars for a pergola, a fireplace, and a wood storage box.

The contractor and homeowner couldn’t be happier with the outcome. The Tribute Retaining Wall System masterfully overcame site challenges. Excellent craftsmanship, proper engineering and installation techniques, and the superior stability of the Tribute Retaining Wall System are all evident by looking at this massive wall.

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