Skilled Drivers Overcome Girder Delivery and Staging Challenges


Plum City, WI


Kraemer North America

SOLUTIONS: Precise girder delivery coordination minimized traffic flow disruptions; temporary bridge allowed job site access in challenging landscape

Installing bridge girders is a time-sensitive process that requires impeccable coordination and attention to detail to minimize traffic flow disruptions during construction. With the help of Ellsworth, WI law enforcement and the company’s dispatch team, County Materials’ heavy-haul drivers transported five prestress concrete I-beam bridge girders from Roberts, WI, 50 miles south to Plum City, WI. Each girder measured 136ft and weighed 140,000lbs, making the transportation of these beams challenging. The extreme length of the girders required the drivers to carefully maneuver through a traffic light island, going in the wrong direction. The coordinated efforts of the three teams made the delivery of all five girders in a single day successful.

On-site, the problem solving continued. The area’s hilly geography prohibited job site access for the oversized construction equipment.  A temporary bridge installed over Plum Creek, alongside the U.S. 10 bridge, served as a work platform and maintained traffic flow during reconstruction. The five prestressed concrete bridge girders, manufactured at County Materials’ Roberts, WI climate-controlled production facility, were installed from the temporary bridge. During the manufacturing process, rebar loops were embedded into the girders to ease on-site installation challenges. The reconstructed bridge opened for traffic one short month after girders were delivered and installed.


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