H2O Pro Pavers® Specified as an Eco-Friendly Storm Water Management System for Small Business

Product Colors:

Oasis and Haven


Milwaukee, WI

Solutions: Sustainability, Durability, and Storm Water Management

Sustainability, durability, and creating a flagship space were the main goals for this small business’ permeable paver parking lot. The parking lot was constructed using H2O Pro Pavers® in Oasis color because of their tan hue and warm orange glow, which resembles the small business’ orange logo and brand. Additionally, H2O Pro Pavers in the Haven color option were ingeniously spread throughout the project to break up the space and draw attention away from inevitable oil drips. The contractor, Marek Landscaping LLC of Milwaukee, WI, worked closely with County Materials to estimate the ratio of pavers, which was between roughly 20-40:1 light to dark pavers. The joint fill was specially selected to match the building’s gray paint.

The business owner desired an eco-friendly infrastructure for the property. Permeable pavers manufactured by County Materials accomplished this goal by allowing storm water to drain directly into a subsurface drainage system. From there, instead of contributing to the city's storm sewer system, the runoff is conveyed directly to planting beds and trees along the property’s entrance. Meeting these sustainable goals qualified the property owner for local funding that helps with green infrastructure projects, another benefit of using permeable paver systems.

The project proved a challenge because the business owner desired to open this location as fast as possible. Construction on the building took place at the same time as paver installation, requiring careful coordination between contractors. The building contractor excavated the property, then Marek Landscaping came in and installed the required base layers and subgrade drains for the permeable system. The contractor also poured a concrete restraint curb around the parking lot. The pavers were then machine laid by Breckenridge Landscape, of New Berlin, WI.

The business owner is extremely satisfied with the final project. The H2O Pro Pavers have proven their strength, durability and performance beyond the owner’s expectations by handling heavy vehicular traffic, diverting storm water to irrigate plantings, while maintaining their natural beauty with no wear. The owner is happy that such a unique space could be created while also meeting all of his sustainability goals.

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