Shadowview Circle Residence

Shadowview Circle Residence

Product Colors:

Haven (Lifestyle & Destination Pavers), Hush (Summit Stone®), Hickory Blend (Tribute®), Autumn Leaf (Align International)

Replacing an outdated deck and uninspiring view of the neighbor’s fence, this 1,577 sq. ft. backyard living area offers a multitude of amenities and ample room for entertaining.

Multiple patio levels solve the design problem created by a 28” drop between the patio door and the lawn. As a bonus, the patio levels create inviting spaces for intimate conversations even during a large gathering. The 7-sided cedar roof over the outdoor kitchen further defines the multi-tiered effect, along with the cedar arbor shading the living area adjoining the hot tub. A fireplace with custom wings creates a focal point for the back of the site.

In the interests of remaining level for furniture, the patio was engineered to allow rainwater to run through the cracks without entering the foundation of the house. This was done with graded layers of washed rock and aggregate under the pavers.

Every effort was made to preserve the natural feel of the site, to include designing the patio around existing trees. The innovative drainage design also keeps the trees hydrated. Three styles of pavers; Grand Lifestyle™, Lifestyle™ and Destination™ combined for a rustic look that provide both unity and variation in the floor. The pavers and polished concrete countertops compliment the natural stone used in the outdoor kitchen, which reflects the woodsy look of the adjacent planted area.

The project required moving existing infrastructure. In addition to tearing out the old deck, the hot tub had to be moved. A fence was also removed for access, and later replaced.

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