Ready-Mix Overlay Repairs Damaged Asphalt Parking Lot

Ready-Mix Overlay Repairs Damaged Asphalt Parking Lot


Marshfield, WI

Application: Parking Lot Overlay

Solutions: Long Lasting, Low Maintenance

A heavily cracked and pothole laden parking lot means two things to a business. First, it means that traffic into the business is heavy and as a result, its parking lot is wearing. On the other hand, a damaged surface doesn’t reflect well on the business’s image and likely means the parking lot was originally constructed with a lower durability product. While asphalt may be a more cost-effective material at installation, in the long run, a busy business such as this one is going to invest more money in repairs and maintenance over the life cycle of the project. Ready-mix supplied by County Materials is proven to be a longer lasting option and requires less maintenance over its lifetime. 

With all of this in mind, the business owner had several considerations to make for reviving the parking lot. Beyond quality of product, the owner also wanted the fastest, and fewest disruptions in order to keep the business open during construction.

The option selected was to have the concrete installer, Milis Flatwork of Kaukauna, WI, construct a bonded concrete overlay. Ready-mix was poured over the top of the existing asphalt and cured to create one bonded structure, covering up and filling in the damaged asphalt while leaving a fresh layer of durable concrete on top.

In total, the concrete overlay covered 224,916 sq. ft. of asphalt. Ready-mix was the most viable option for keeping the business open during installation. County Materials was relied on to deliver massive amounts of ready-mix each day for expedience. The largest pour totaled 46,000 sq. ft. of the parking lot, or approximately 6,000 cu. yds. of ready-mix in a single day. Upwards of ten County Materials ready-mix trucks at a time were staged onsite. Ready-mix was poured, then finished with a laser screed equipped with a tremble 3D system. 

The expansive lot was brushed-finished to provide a textured surface for additional traction and safety and scored with control joints. 

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