Roosevelt St Residence

Roosevelt St Residence

Product Colors:

Timeless (Tranquility Pavers®), Vision, Reflection (Elements Paving Stones™)


River Falls, WI

This 900 sq. ft. driveway project in River Falls, WI was designed and built by the homeowner. He initiated the project in order to facilitate proper water management on the site. The existing 30-year-old concrete driveway and apron had settled, causing drainage issues that needed to be addressed.

The primary reason the owner chose interlocking concrete pavers from County Materials Corp. for his driveway was their superior strength and durability over other materials and their unique aesthetic appeal. County Materials utilizes face-mix technology, which offers realistic color pigments and high strength surface materials that repel stains and withstand every day wear and tear.

He selected Tranquility Pavers® in the blended Timeless color with their non-slip, stone-textured surface that resembles hand cut flagstones for the main drive. Tranquility Pavers are manufactured in 5 sizes to allow for a unique random pattern blending which breaks up the wide expanse of the driveway area. The paver colors further complement the color theme of the house and existing landscaping. A double border of Elements Paving Stones in subtle hammered textured Reflection and Vision colors sets off the marbled gray and cream in the driveway pavers and provides a handsome accent. The material budget for the project was $7,000.

The owner is a former installer of paving units. He installed the driveway following ICPI specifications, industry standards and the manufacturer’s recommendations to achieve optimal performance and project quality.

The project was begun in late April, 2014. Heavy spring rains delayed progress by two weeks. As weather permitted, the sub grade was dug out and rebased. The project was finished in the second week of May, 2014.

The owner and his family have enjoyed many positive comments from friends and neighbors on the project’s appearance, both during and after construction. They feel that their concrete paver driveway enhances their property, fits their needs, and has completely alleviated drainage problems they were experiencing.

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