Rib Rock™ Landscape Blocks Reduce Cost and Speed Up Installation for Village of Kimberly’s Memorial Pond Park

Rib Rock™ Landscape Blocks Reduce Cost and Speed Up Installation for Village of Kimberly’s Memorial Pond Park

The Village of Kimberly, Wisconsin is benefiting from a new multipurpose park in their community, which opened in spring 2017. Once a vacant field, the plot of land is now transformed into the functional 143.5-acre Memorial Pond Park. The park features 1.3 miles of walking trails, a 4-acre manmade pond with fountains, and two storm water ponds. An expansive retaining wall with a textured face serves to prevent erosion along the pond’s edge. In addition to the park’s recreational purpose, the area will act as an effective storm water management tool by collecting water directed from the village.

The Benefits of Rib Rock™ Landscape Block

Original project plans called for traditional sized segmental retaining wall units to build the pond’s perimeter wall. The wall’s large size led to high costs for installation. The engineering firm McMahon Associates Inc. found a solution by utilizing Rib Rock™ Landscape Block manufactured by County Materials Corporation. Rib Rock’s larger size helped speed up construction by allowing more square footage to be placed at a time. Additionally, Rib Rock’s interlocking design ensured easier installation and enhanced structural integrity for the life of this community asset.


Engineering plans were approved, and construction began in early 2016. Construction began with excavation and removal of earth to create the pond’s shell. After the drainage system was set in place, County Materials delivered Rib Rock units to the site.

Following recommended industry guidelines for installation of engineered walls, crewmembers prepped the base by compacting the ground to proper density. Geogrid was installed between each wall course and extended the proper length behind the wall. Geogrid material reinforces the soil behind the wall by separating the soil into multiple layers - this restricts the soil mass from pulling apart under extreme saturation and tension, much like a natural root system.

The park opened in spring 2017. Kimberly residents are excited about their new park and impressed by the transformation of this once vacant field.

New Block Sizes and Face Textures

County Materials listened to industry needs by adding new 52” wide offset block to its Rib Rock product line, which can be used in combination with the 44” offset block on serpentine walls to minimize wall joints from lining up. This adds to the aesthetic and eases installation. For maximum flexibility, corner units are produced with textured faces to remain visible on exposed ends. Wall caps are offered as a finishing touch; when needed, units can also accommodate railings as an additional safety feature.

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