Reinforced Concrete Pipe Specified for Major Wisconsin Corridor Revitalization Project

Reinforced Concrete Pipe Specified for Major Wisconsin Corridor Revitalization Project


Hales Corners, WI


Musson Brothers, Inc.

Last reconstructed in the late 1950’s and 1960’s, the WIS 100 corridor running through Hales Corners, WI was in need of a major overhaul. More than 60 years ago Hales Corners was a rural village outside of Milwaukee. Now, the village is a busy suburb lined with small business. Deteriorating road surface conditions and increased congestion made Hales Corners a high priority renovation project for the Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT). 

In September 2017, WisDOT began the letting process for a 1.7 mile stretch of WIS 100 from College Avenue to Edgerton Avenue. The project was awarded to Musson Brothers Inc., who began construction in April 2018.

The reconstruction of WIS 100 in Hales Corners calls for a complete overhaul of the corridor, from storm water management systems to traffic lights. The plans include expanding the road way for additional turn lanes and creating easier access to the many local businesses. New and improved intersection designs were added to address the area’s higher-than-average crash rates for the state of Wisconsin. With an increased roadway surface area, the entire stretch also required a larger storm water management system. In total the project required 22,270 ln. ft. of reinforced concrete pipe and 411 precast structures, which have been manufactured and delivered by County Materials Corporation.

“Due to the large diameter of pipe needed to handle runoff, there is no other product besides reinforced concrete pipe that would meet all the requirements,” said Andy Ruffing of Musson Brothers. The entire 1.7-mile stretch has either 48” Class III pipe or 66” class III pipe running under the roadway.

County Materials has coordinated with multiple crews onsite to ensure timely delivery of pipe and precast structures to the right area at the right time. In addition, County Materials organized production schedules and delivery times to accommodate the timing of multiple lane closures and changes during construction. County Materials effectively met these delivery challenges helping Musson Brothers meet tight deadlines.

As of August 2018, the road way is under construction and is anticipated to finish in fall 2019. Once completed, the entire storm water management system will be made up of 3,354 ln. ft. of class III reinforced concrete pipe, 3,684 ln. ft. of 66” class III reinforced concrete pipe and more than 15,000 ln. ft. of smaller concrete pipe sections. The system is designed to be split in two sections, with one to the north and one to the south of Whitnall Park Creek. The larger system will be better equipped to effectively convey the area’s runoff to the natural creek. The smaller sized pipe will convey storm water from the nearly 100 inlets along the road to the larger trunk line. The system will also include 58 manhole structures ranging from 7 ft. to 9ft. in diameter.

“Reinforced concrete pipe is a durable and long-lasting choice,” said Ruffing, “making it the only option for this job.”

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