Reflection Stone® Masonry Units Create Stunning Look Inside and Out of New Office Complex

Reflection Stone<sup>®</sup> Masonry Units Create Stunning Look Inside and Out of New Office Complex

An emphasis on moving forward and progress was a desired theme for Employer Group’s new office complex. The building’s unique mix of modern aesthetics and traditional masonry accents attribute to this theme and exemplifies how the company and its services can help other businesses succeed. Reflection Stone® Masonry Units and Reflection Stone GRAND® where selected for the building’s interior and exterior because of the concrete masonry units’ inviting and natural appearance and modular design.

Located just off a major highway, the Employer Group office was designed to catch the eye of passerby. The stunning façade is covered with large sections of Reflection Stone veneer, juxtaposed with a glass window wall framed by silver trim. Two sizes modules of Reflection Stone were specified to bring scale to the building. The standard Reflection Stone size clads a majority of the project, while units form the larger Reflection Stone GRAND series are interspersed throughout each wall to break up repeating patterns.

Inside, conference room walls and a bar in an employee break room are clad in the same veneer units as the outside to add warmth and character, and to create inviting spaces for guests and employees alike.

Reflection Stone provided Employer Group a cost-effective solution to creating a one-of-a-kind facility. Concrete masonry units are a more affordable option, yet still provide the aesthetics of natural stone. In addition, concrete masonry offers Employer Group a durable construction material they know will last.

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