Reflection Stone® and Reflection Brick® Offer Economical and Low Maintenance Masonry Solution

Reflection Stone® and Reflection Brick® Offer Economical and Low Maintenance Masonry Solution

Built as a spec home for a new housing development, this house was designed to impress. The home’s use of wooden accents, multiple front gables and sturdy columns mirrors craftsman-style architecture. The home’s classic design is amplified with the rustic aesthetics of Tumbled Reflection Stone® and Reflection Brick® Masonry Units. The use of concrete masonry veneers manufactured by County Materials Corporation not only created a unique aesthetic but also imparts many benefits.

The designer’s goal was to make this spec home an eye-catching masterpiece for the entire housing development. The natural looking aesthetics of decorative concrete masonry units helped achieve this goal, turning the home into the neighborhood’s focal point. Concrete masonry veneers were a cost-effective and easy-to-install solution that achieved the old-world charm of craftsman-style architecture. In addition, concrete masonry veneers are a resilient and durable building material with a proven-service life, offering the home an economical and low maintenance solution.

Reflection Stone® Masonry Units clad the residence’s lower exterior wainscot and bays, while the rest of the house is clad in Reflection Brick®. Mortared in a random pattern, the Reflection Stone® units offer the look of natural hand-hewn stone, adding dimension to the project. The masonry units were specially selected for their blended color and textured finish. Color blends in each unit enhances the veneer’s organic appearance and a carefully manufactured textured finish adds an aged look. Heritage Collection™ Designer Concrete Brick frames the windows and doors and also creates arches above several windows—an added accent made easy with the modular units.

This home was completed in summer 2015 alongside several other homes in this development. Accomplishing its goal, the house drew many to the area and caught the attention of one buyer who now lives in the home.

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