Reflection Brick® Masonry Units and Splitface CMUs Sets New Home Apart and Offers Many Benefits

Reflection Brick® Masonry Units and Splitface CMUs Sets New Home Apart and Offers Many Benefits

Anyone who drives through this new housing development outside of Kaukauna, WI, will notice that masonry is a preferred choice on many of the homes. One homeowner in the neighborhood chose masonry for their new home but wanted a different look from most of the surrounding new construction. The homeowner went to their local County Materials show room and reviewed several masonry product options to find the perfect combination of materials to meet their vision. After mindful planning and much discussion, the homeowner chose tumbled Reflection Brick® Masonry Units in the Enchantment color and Splitface Concrete Masonry Units to create coined corners.

Concrete masonry offered the homeowner a decorative building material that resembles natural stone, but at an affordable price. In addition, the modular units from County Materials helped reduce installation costs because of their uniform size. Many of the surrounding homes were clad in different colors and styles of manufactured stone, which varied size and shape can lead to extended installation time and increased cost.  Concrete masonry also provided the home many functional benefits including reduced maintenance, enhanced durability, and design flexibility.

The modular design of concrete masonry played an important role in making this home stand out from the neighboring homes. Concrete masonry units manufactured by County Materials have consistent colors, textures and sizes which the homeowner believes keeps the focus on the overall design rather than individual units. To meet the owners demand of a consistent and clean look, the mason cut the Splitface Masonry Units used for the coined corners down to a shorter height that coursed out with the Reflection Brick. The front entrance, windows, and garage doors are also framed with specially cut Spliltface Units that accentuate these features and add dimension.

After seeing the final product, the homeowner was pleased with the hard work put into designing and creating the masterpiece. Reflection Stone and Split Face Masonry Units boosted the home’s look and fulfilled his goal of standing out from the other homes in the neighborhood.

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