Ready-Mix Offers Maximum Value for Credit Union Parking Lot

Ready-Mix Offers Maximum Value for Credit Union Parking Lot


Merrill, WI

In July 2018, Park City Credit Union opened its doors at its new headquarters located in Merrill, WI. Although the 26,000 sq. ft. facility itself is a marvel of design and craftsmanship, the concrete parking lot has also received award-winning recognition. Ready-mix supplied by County Materials provides this parking lot many practical and aesthetic benefits, affirming ready-mix offers economic advantages for parking lot applications.

The Credit Union’s grand opening coincided with the organization’s 80th anniversary celebrations. As a nod to the company’s long history, and its sights set on the future, the selection of long lasting, durable construction materials was a key goal for the headquarters. The proven service-life and strength of ready-mix was a simple choice for meeting these goals. In addition, ready-mix was selected for its ease of maintenance, low lifecycle costs, and light reflectivity which provides a safer area for credit union employees and guests.

In all, 1,541 cu. yds. of ready-mix was used to create this new parking lot. In addition to the parking lot surface, ready-mix was used to construct sidewalks, a common area near the main entrance, curbs, islands, and planting beds. The many planting beds help break up the parking lot and direct vehicle traffic, while also providing space for lighting utilities. Ready-mix ensured flexibility throughout the construction of these many elements and maximized overall value for the credit union.

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