Ready-mix Meets the Demands of Industrial Warehouse Project


Wisconsin Rapids, WI


Brickl Bros.


Rich Weiler Construction

The biggest challenge for this project was working with the site’s flat elevations. With such a large expanse of concrete and surrounding warehouses, managing water runoff was a priority. The contractor designed in a pitch across the entire project with the use of a 3d laser screed. The final project has an 8-inch pitch across its 350-foot width. Another elevation challenge was designing proper inclines for the loading docks.

The contractor had a tight timeline to complete this pour. To meet this timeline the contractor poured approximately 700 cubic yards of concrete per day, totaling 5,000 cubic yards. County Materials’ experienced dispatchers and drivers helped make this happen. Due to rainy conditions, every pour was conveyed. Conveying the ready-mix helped maintain the subbase layer’s condition by limiting delivery traffic only to designated areas.

This site needed to be built to handle heavy traffic and stand the test of time. The contractor spaced joints every 20 feet to limit cracking. The joints also create a uniform aesthetic to the site. The contractor heavily brushed the ready-mix to obtain high traction for the many trucks that will be loading and unloading at this industrial facility. 

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