Ready-mix Concrete from County Materials Fulfills Form and Function and Revitalizes Backyard


Stevens Point, WI


Alchemy Concrete, Inc.

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Project Name: Cardinal Drive Residence

After the test of time, it becomes clear which materials were engineered to withstand the elements, and which products eventually stop fulfilling their purpose. The homeowners of this property, unfortunately, experienced the latter with the home’s wooden deck. As the deck outlived its service life, the homeowners desired to replace it with a functional, yet artistic outdoor living space, that most importantly would last.

The homeowners approached Alchemy Concrete Inc. of Nelsonville, WI, to revitalize their backyard. The contractor worked directly with the homeowners to design and build a space that included a sunken fire bowl with bench seating; a kitchen area with a grill, refrigerator, electrical plug-ins for small appliances, and a preparation counter; a raised bar; and a new landing with steps from the backdoor to the outdoor living area.

Alchemy Concrete selected ready-mix concrete from County Materials for this project. The contractor specializes in decorative concrete solutions and conventional concrete installations. Ready-mix is the preferred product choice for this contractor because of its versatility and customizability to create functional yet beautiful living spaces.

Engineering design skill by Alchemy Concrete manifested in this project by meeting the technical demands for drainage in the contained space available. Also, artistry is present through the project, demonstrated through the elegant curves, detailed borders, careful coloring, and surface texture treatment. Control joints throughout the project were strategically placed for optimal functionality but also to line up in a manner that flows throughout the project.

The fundamental challenge of this project was coordinating the multi-layered construction that is required with decorative residential ready-mix installations. First and foremost, this continues to be a family’s backyard during construction, so working without being too disruptive and finishing it in a timely fashion were important. Additionally, employing proper engineering and installation procedures ensures ready-mix concrete offers lasting strength and durability and remains beautiful for this outdoor living space for years.

Ready-mix concrete supplied by County Materials achieved the form, color, and texture desired by the homeowner and helped to overcome site challenges in their new living space.

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