County Block® Retaining Wall System Overcomes Extreme Challenges on New Home

County Block® Retaining Wall System Overcomes Extreme Challenges on New Home

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Wisconsin Rapids, WI


Progressive Lawn Care

New home construction can bring with it many unique challenges. When looking for solutions to these challenges, contractors turn to materials they know are trusted to get the job done. When it comes to extreme needs, contractors ensure they use all the resources available to them to get the job done right.

Brad Tork of Progressive Lawn Care turned to Jumbo County Block® Retaining Wall System for landscaping needs during the construction of a new home on Nepco Lake. County Block was an optimal option for the site and the project’s design which required several engineered walls. The new home was built with a garage on the main level, with a second garage directly below. With the second garage mostly underground, County Block was specified to grant access to it.

A total of three retaining walls were constructed to create an access route to both garages. Two were built into a slope leading to the lower garage. One of those walls doubled as support to raise the driveway to the upper garage. A third wall supported the opposite side of the driveway. Constructing this 13-foot-tall outer wall proved to be the biggest challenge. The plan also needed to take into account the area was susceptible to flooding. To overcome these challenges the contractor compacted the base layer and wrapped it with a water proof material, then used geogriding to help prevent wash out. County Block’s built-in pinning system provided the additional support needed to hold back the masses of dirt. The pinning system also allowed for the easy implementation of curves in the wall for aesthetic appeal.

Ultimately, County Block Retaining Wall System was specified for its residential look and ability to integrate to the site, all at a low cost.

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