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Milwaukee St. Residence

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Delafield, WI

An extensive home remodel is a significant investment. When the owners purchased their home on the south shore of Lake Nagawicka in Delafield, WI, the first thing they did was to remodel it to their liking. The next thing on their list was to protect that investment. The house had come with a 400 ft. long, 4,000 sq. ft. asphalt driveway with a significant slope in the direction of the house. Not wanting to risk water damage to the home in the event of heavy runoff, they decided to replace it with a more pervious surface.

Their first thought was to replace the drive with permeable asphalt. However, the asphalt company advised them that permeable pavers would be a more reliable preventive maintenance solution for onsite storm water filtration. The materials satisfied DNR requirements for permeable surfaces near the lake. The couple also appreciated the aesthetic appeal of pavers.

County Materials’ H2O Pro Pavers were chosen for the project. The blended gray color ‘Timeless’ was perfect for the setting, and the 4”x8” size was not available elsewhere. The bricks were laid in an attractive herringbone pattern, with a border of matching 8x8” square pavers.

The biggest challenge in completing the project was the natural topography. The driveway included a lot of different slopes and angles. “There isn’t one spot where it levels out,” reports landscape designer and installer Josh Tarantino, President of Wendland Landscape Services Inc. While the permeable pavers themselves will alleviate the majority of the runoff, it was important to direct any runoff that might occur during a heavy rain away from the house to prevent flooding.

Much care was given to preparing the base.  The foundation is key on which permeable paver systems sit and filter through.  The base had to be compacted adequately to withstand vehicle traffic and still be able to let high volumes of water pass through. 

The logistics of receiving materials also presented a challenge. Trucks had to sit on a driveway shared between three homes.  Careful coordination was required in order to maintain an opening for the neighbors’ cars to pass by.

The owners were very pleased with the final result. The pavers were more aesthetically pleasing and the results well worth the investment. Additionally, the neighbors are impressed with the project. 

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