Marathon City Fire Department

Marathon City Fire Department

Wisconsin Masonry Alliance- Excellence in Masonry 2012 Award Winner- Excellence in Concrete Masonry

The Marathon City Fire Department is ample proof of how concrete masonry units provide lasting durability, solid economic savings and community enhancement.

Heritage Collection Designer Concrete Brick in rich burgundy tones comprises the majority of the façade for the station, completed in 2010. Concrete brick masonry was chosen for its strength, low maintenance and inherent fire resistance characteristics. The brick also compliments the neighboring swim center built years before.

The fire station’s front entrance and accent banding is further highlighted with lighter colored oversize concrete masonry units featuring a shotblast surface texture and custom chamfering.

Additional gray smooth concrete block were used as back-up walls and painted on their exposed side in the interior.

The architect selected a multi-wythe concrete masonry wall system because it met all the building criteria that his firm and the community were looking for in the new station. It also provides more separation from the harsh Wisconsin environment, greater economic value and a higher R value.

Considering the use of heavy equipment and fast-paced activities around and within the station, highly durable concrete masonry units were an easy choice. In addition, the noncombustible qualities of CMUs ensures this important community building has added safety and protection, just like the services it provides to area residents.

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