Locally Produced Reinforced Concrete Pipe Keeps Vital Corridor Construction on Track

Location: Woodruff, WI - US Highway 51 corridor reconstruction
Contractor: Musson Brothers
Area: 1.3-mile stretch
Total Cost: $9.3 million
Start of Construction: April 2018
Construction Completion: Approximately October 2019 

In early April 2018, crews began construction on a 1.3 mile stretch of US Highway 51 from 3rd Avenue in Woodruff, WI, north to Tuckaway Road. Deteriorating road conditions and safety concerns along this vital corridor led the Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT) to put out bids for a complete reconstruction including curbs, sidewalks, roadway, lighting, water, sewer and storm water management systems. The $9.3 million-dollar project was awarded to Musson Brothers of Rhinelander, WI. Musson Brothers turned to County Materials Corporation to supply more than 12,000 linear feet of reinforced concrete pipe and 188 precast concrete structures to rebuild this Northern Wisconsin corridor.

Once complete, the updated roadway will be expanded to include five lanes with a center turn lane and additional right turn lanes. The entire project requires a new storm water system to handle added runoff that will result from the expanded roadway. In addition, there will be six ditch-to-ditch cross pipes that will run under US51 and several side roads. Throughout the entire project, pipe was upsized to meet the increased runoff demand of the larger road and allow for larger flows from Arrowhead Creek and Little Muskie Creek to prevent washouts during major rain events.

During the installation process crews discovered a steel communication duct running under a portion of the roadway. The duct proved a challenge because it could not be moved and was directly in the path of the proposed storm water pipe. Musson Brothers determined the best solution was to adjust the project plan slightly by using elliptical reinforced concrete pipe in this section. Elliptical pipe was an ideal solution because it accommodates the same flow capacity the project required, however, its height is lower than traditional round pipe. County Materials was able to quickly produce and deliver the elliptical pipe, keeping the project on time.

“We never had to wait for any materials, the pipe and structures were always at least two days ahead of the install date,” said Bill Erickson of Musson Brothers. “Even when we had to change our specs, County Materials stepped up to meet our demand.”

County Materials quickly fulfilled the contractor’s needs because concrete pipe is produced locally and readily available. In addition, County Materials’ fleet of drivers and dispatch team worked together to distribute pipe and precast products in a safe, reliable and efficient manner.

In total, the project used 286 ln. ft. of elliptical reinforced concrete pipe ranging from 24” to 58” in diameter. The rest of the project used 1,682 ln. ft. of round reinforced concrete pipe from 12” to 60” in diameter. The project will also use 188 precast concrete products, including 16 end walls, 135 catch basins, 28 manholes, and 9 inlets.  Construction began on this project in early April 2018; all updates are expected to be completed by mid-October 2019. County Materials’ ability to fulfill the infrastructure requirements efficiently during the early stages of this project were crucial to keeping the job on track for its 2019 completion date.

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