Lake Side Masterpiece: Weaver Road Residence

Lake Side Masterpiece: Weaver Road Residence

Product Colors:

Oasis & Vision (Elements Pavers), Canyon Brown (County Block), Hush (Summit Stone)

Built for relaxation, large gatherings, and to offer an unbeatable lake view, this backyard patio ties together many hardscape features that are great ideas for patio upgrades. This project was constructed in several stages throughout the spring and summer of 2016. Previously this property had a small wood deck adjacent to the home that was torn out to make way for pavers.

The entire project is comprised of two main levels. The first level, closest to the house was designed for outdoor dinner parties. A gas line was run under the pavers to the grill on the patio’s far corner, away from the home. After this level was installed the homeowner set up a patio dining table and chairs. The second, and lower level was designed around a previously existing fireplace. The metal ring is still in place, but is now surrounded with Summit Stone® Landscaping Units in the Haven color for an upgraded look, and added barrier of safety from the hot metal. This level uses the same Summit Stone® units to create two large planting squares, with the lighter Hush color on top to create an accent. This same color combination was used to create a seat wall surrounding both the upper and lower patios.

Because the property slopes down to the lake, both patios were raised to be level. Each level is supported by road base, which is held in place with County Block® Retaining Wall Systems, in Canyon Brown color. Stairs leading up to each level were made with the same County Block® units and are bordered by elegant garden beds, each level with its own style.

This lakeside patio was made possible by combining several of County Materials’ product lines. To learn more product information and see the distinct colors available, visit our product pages: Summit Stone® County Block®.

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