Kaukauna Municipal Building

Kaukauna Municipal Building

Many historic buildings in Kaukauna have exterior walls constructed with limestone harvested from local historic limestone quarries. When designing a new municipal building for the city of Kaukauna, the architect Short Elliot Hendrickson Inc. wanted to reflect this history and match surrounding buildings. Reflection Stone™, manufactured by County Materials was specified to clad most of the building because of its unique appearance resembling natural stone. Heritage Collection™ Designer Concrete Brick was used for the rest of the façade to create a traditional building look and compliment the Reflection Stone™ throughout the project.

Reflection Stone™, a concrete masonry veneer manufactured by County Materials was chosen over natural limestone for its durability, cost savings and easy installation. This project utilized the multi-size Reflection Stone™ series. Additionally, there is Reflection Stone GRAND™, which offers the largest units and is perfect for expansive façades. The smallest units are in the Reflection Brick™ collection is best used when a uniform look is desired.

The contractor installed units from the standard collection in a random pattern to cover 14,700 sq. ft. of the building. An adjustable wire reinforcement system was utilized to accommodate the varying size of masonry units. County Materials created two custom colors at the project designer’s request. Light and darker tan units were installed on site in a 60/40 blend. The two colors were chosen to simulate limestone’s natural variation in color. The final result embodies the look of unrefined limestone, fulfilling the project’s design goal.

The architect designed the municipal facility with concrete brick on several areas to add dimension to the long horizontal building. The façade was covered with a 60/40 blend of two Heritage Collection™ Designer Brick colors. The sporadic presence of darker Tuscany Villa Blend throughout the project gives an aged character to the building and creates contrast to the lighter Sand Castle Blend that comprises the majority of the masonry. Accented throughout the project is a limestone colored cast stone. In total, concrete brick covers 9,670 sq. ft.

Housing Kaukauna’s courthouse and police department, this building is the foundation of the surrounding community. Many city residents are proud the building is an ode to limestone reflecting the city’s history. Masonry construction was complete in December of 2015 and the building opened to the public in July 2016.

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