Ishnala Trail Residence

Ishnala Trail Residence

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Pewaukee, WI

This stunning spec house was constructed over a period of five months in the summer of 2009. The 3,000 square foot home is located in an affluent subdivision and offers a unique appearance to appeal to the discerning upscale homeowner.

The builder placed high importance on choosing materials that would give the home a sumptuous and exclusive appearance.  For the exterior, he selected County Stone® masonry units, a concrete masonry veneer that is tumbled to produce the rough-hewn texture and character of hand-chiseled stone. This material offered substantial savings in construction costs in comparison to other products suitable for a high end home, – such as brick or natural stone – without compromising durability or appearance. The veneer is the same as that used for all other houses in the subdivision, allowing this home to blend comfortably into its environment.

Every aspect of this home’s exterior was designed to capture visual interest. The gabled roofs and arched windows give it a unique appeal. Architectural elements are repeated, yet varied to create an intriguing rhythm.

The treatment of the masonry veneer, in particular, lends an exclusive quality to the home. The façade features variously-sized blocks laid in an irregular fashion to give the home a highly textured surface reminiscent of an old world stone cottage.  The decorative quoins in a diamond and fish scale pattern emphasize the building’s structure and encourage the eye to explore the entire façade, from foundation to roof peaks and back again.

County Stone masonry units were also used in the interior of the home, as well. A masonry fireplace provides warmth and cheer in the winter months and lends the home continuity in design from the interior to the exterior.

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