Crest™ Bullnose Pavers and Summit® Stone Landscape Units Create Custom Features on Backyard Patio

Crest™ Bullnose Pavers and Summit® Stone Landscape Units Create Custom Features on Backyard Patio

The owners of this newly constructed property wanted a swimming pool and patio to give their backyard a space to host, play and relax. The homeowners saw the new home and prospect of a patio as an investment. This made finding materials with a long lifespan a crucial part of their planning. With this in mind, the homeowners chose concrete paving units and other concrete hardscape materials for their backyard updates. Concrete not only offered the decorative appeal they desired, furthermore concrete would provide unprecedented durability. In all, concrete hardscape materials manufactured by County Materials Corporation built two small stair cases, a gas fire place, the pool coping and patio surface.

County Materials’ large variety of hardscape lines and colors allowed for this project to have many custom components—for practical and aesthetic purposes. The patio is made up of Lifestyle® Pavers in Serenity Color, which were selected to accent the home’s tan siding and trim, while Crest™ Bullnose Pavers in Vision and Elements™ Paving Stones in Vision were selected to match the home’s color. The red hues in Serenity radiates with warmth while the tan solid color of vision ties the project together.

The owners wanted a fireplace but were concerned about debris getting into the water. To overcome this, the contractor designed and built a custom gas fireplace with Summit Stone® Landscape Units and topped it with Crest™ Bullnose Pavers. The same Crest™ Bullnose Pavers were used to build the pool coping, and steps leading into the house. The patio is broken up with a banding course made of Elements™ Paving Stones in Vision.

These many concrete hardscape products came together to create a one of a kind retreat. The patio installation only took a few weeks, beginning on July 28th, 2015 and ending on August 16th, 2015.

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