Hill Drive Residence

Hill Drive Residence

Product Colors:

Timeless (Grand Milestone Pavers), Haven (Summit Stone)


Hobart, WI


Magnin Landscape

Additional Info.

2020 WMA Silver Award Front Yard/ Entrance over 1,000 SF; Project Architect/Designer: Tim Borowitz

A simple walkway with stairs leading to the front entrance of this Hill Drive residence proved challenging and inaccessible for the homeowner, who continually navigated her wheelchair around the obstacle. To remedy this daily reoccurrence, the homeowner contacted a local contractor to create an accessible pathway between the garage and front entrance of her home.

County Materials’ Grand Milestone Pavers were selected for the pathway for their large size module and small joints that allow ease of navigation and travel for individuals who use wheelchairs. The pavers provided a subtle appearance, careful not to draw away from additional landscape features throughout the yard.

In 2020, the project won a Silver Award in the Wisconsin Masonry Alliance’s Annual Excellence in Hardscape Design Competition (WMA’s EIH Design Competition).


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