Heritage Collection™ Designer Concrete Brick Meets Design Goals for Senior Living Center

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Heritage Collection™ Designer Concrete Brick Meets Design Goals for Senior Living Center

Product Colors:

Autumn Blend (Heritage Collection), Sandstone (Full Face Split)


Hales Corners, WI

Heritage Collection™ Designer Concrete Brick was selected as a main building component for this 39-unit complex for its many practical advantages and aesthetic appeal. Peace of mind was the main design goal for this senior community center. Concrete masonry helped achieve this goal in several ways. Heritage Brick was specified for its high fire resistance, making the senior community a safer place to live. Concrete masonry also meets and exceeds acoustic rating standards, offering a quiet and relaxing atmosphere for the residents.

Another goal for this project was to find the right balance of comfort, safety, quality and performance all at an affordable price. Concrete masonry’s competitive price point, ease of installation, low maintenance requirements, and long-lasting durability all led to reducing the building’s cost and meeting these goals.

This complex is the second major addition to an already existing 170-unit assisted living senior community built three decades earlier. Color and material choice were greatly influenced to compliment the pre-existing building, while still exhibiting its own unique character. The building is clad in Autumn Blend Reflection Brick, and Splitface CMUs in Sandstone create large fields of masonry that mirror the original building’s design. The same Splitface units were installed as thin bands on the building’s towers to add scale to the architectural design.

Throughout the building, masonry is used to create many bump outs and pillars that elevate the look of the building, exemplifying its character as a residential living complex.

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