Water Quality Preserved on Lakeside Residence with H2O Pro® Pavers

Water Quality Preserved on Lakeside Residence with H2O Pro® Pavers

With their lakeside dream home finally completed, these homeowners desired a backyard patio for viewing the lake front and natural beauty surrounding their property. The homeowners approached Brad Tork of Progressive Lawn Care & Summit Snow Removal LLC of Wisconsin Rapids, Wis. with creating their outdoor space.

The contractor visited the property early in the process to get an idea of the parameters and site conditions. After reviewing the property, Tork concluded he needed to address storm water management concerns. “We decided permeable pavers were necessary on this project due to the home’s proximity to the lake,” said Tork, “We wanted to be able to handle all water runoff without it getting into the lake or causing a major washout—we knew this was possible with a permeable paver system.”

Tork recalled conversations he had with his local County Materials sales representative about permeable paver systems, and the strict DNR standards on constructing such systems. “The simple fact is that County Materials’ sales representatives are very knowledgeable about permeable paver systems, which is why after discussing permeable pavers with the homeowners I brought them to the nearest showroom.”

At the showroom, the homeowners looked at several sizes, shapes, textures and colors of available pavers. After having a tumbled 4x8 H2O Pro Pavers unit in their hands, the homeowners immediately made their choice.

Once the pavers were selected, planning excavation and accommodating the aggregate base was of primary focus. Because County Block® Retaining Walls were incorporated into the design, a bit more planning was involved. Using the DNR 216 standard, the contractor installed a 12” base layer made up of 11/2” clean crushed stone, a 4” middle layer of #57 stone, and he finished with 2” of #8 setting stone. The base and sub base were then compacted. Extra steps were taken to pour a deep curb to hold the pavers in place around the driveway area. The pathways were stabilized with a permeable paver edge restraint.

During the installation, there was little room for staging products. County Materials worked with the contractor to store the pavers at our Wisconsin Rapids yard location. This allowed Progressive Lawn Care to pick up pavers as needed—making the install a smooth process.

After watching the whole project come together, the homeowners were amazed at the coordinated efforts and impressed with their final project.

Principal Use: Residential
Project Size: 3,000 sq. ft.
Project Start: May 1, 2017
Building Completion: June 30, 2017
Product Breakdown: 4x8 H20 Pro Paver Tumbled Haven
                                  County Block Buff

Building Team
Contractor: Brad Tork


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