Modular Concrete Masonry Units Ease Installation and Provide Design Versatility

Modular Concrete Masonry Units Ease Installation and Provide Design Versatility

The design-build firm tasked with constructing this new addition to the Faulk Brothers Construction headquarters puts maximum effort into all of their designs, regardless of project size. Even the smallest buildings deserve design creativity, inspiring material usage and character. In addition, proper material selection is vital for creating a durable and long-lasting structure. The Faulks Brothers headquarters received these same creative touches and stringent material selection, which is why concrete masonry manufactured by County Materials was selected to meet project specifications. 

The new building extends from their previously existing headquarters which was made with exposed aggregate walls. The key design goal for this project was to complement the existing aesthetics while offering a contemporary look to reflect Faulk Brothers’ drive to move ahead with new ventures. 

Concrete masonry was selected in several colors that integrate with the former building. To establish its own character, the building was designed with several masonry courses in a variety of colors. Additionally, different masonry unit styles and textures were used to enhance the uniqueness of the project. 

The bottom courses utilized Fullface Split Masonry Units in Mocha to create visual impact and increase visual interest. Above the Mocha units is a single inset course of Fullface Split Masonry Units adding dimension to the design. Moving up the façade, the next courses were constructed with Premier Ultra® Burnished masonry units in North Star. Halfway up and above the windows, Premier Ultra Burnished units created inset bands. The top half of the building is clad with utility size Heritage Collection™ Designer Concrete Brick in Autumn Blend. The top course ties the design together by using one more layer of Premier Ultra Burnished units in North Star.

Concrete masonry’s modular design made this unique design possible and eased installation, translating to significant cost savings in labor. Concrete units manufactured by County Materials have consistent sizes, textures and colors. 

Jeff Berrens of Berrens Contracting stated, “utilizing masonry units from several product lines reduced the need for cutting and measuring, speeding up the installation time.” In addition, concrete masonry manufactured by County Materials are extremely durable, ensuring that masonry units meet industry standards and stand the test of time.

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