Elements™ Paving Stones Provide Flexibility in Marina's Intricate Design

Elements™ Paving Stones Provide Flexibility in Marina's Intricate Design

Reefpoint Marina boasts that their mission is to provide the best boating experience on Lake Michigan. To keep up this reputation, Racine County, who owns the marina, and the marina’s management firm knew the marina’s aging courtyard required upgrades, enlargement, and additional amenities.

Attentive detail was given to an updated courtyard design. The layout was organized to accommodate multiple groups at a time by arranging the courtyard into separate areas and multiple grilling stations. The courtyard has a center square with two grills and a fire pit table. Four sections branch out from the center to create individual picnic spaces. In addition, pavers extend from the courtyard to create two pathways—one to a pool area and one that exits directly to the docks. Elements™ Paving Stones in 4 x 8-inch units were selected for their simple Holland paver shape which gave flexibility to the intricate design.

The contractor ran into several problems during the excavation process. One issue was that existing pavers were installed on top of a concrete pad – unknown to the contractor until his crews began removing materials. This meant existing hardscaping couldn’t simply be excavated. After carefully removing the old pavers and concrete pathways, the contractor coordinated with another contractor to install gas lines for the fire pit and grills. After adding layers of aggregates, the pavers were installed. The last steps were to fill designated planting areas with plants and stones for a decorative flair.

Oversize Landscape Step Units seamlessly create an exit from the courtyard to the docks. Manufactured with uniform heights and natural appearing textured surface, the Oversize Landscape Step Units offer a consistent rise that enhances pedestrian comfort and safety, as well as adding to the lakeside courtyard’s natural feel.

The project began in April 2016 and was completed on May 9th, 2016. In total, the 1,200 sq. ft. of pavers helped transform this property into the “best experience on Lake Michigan” that the marina promises.

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