Concrete Hardscape Materials Provide Natural Aesthetics and Unmatched Advantages

Concrete Hardscape Materials Provide Natural Aesthetics and Unmatched Advantages

Product Colors:

Haven, Serenity & Timeless (Destination Pavers), Haven (Tranquility Pavers), Custom Color (Oversize Landscape Step Units), Haven (Summit Stone)


Lake Tomahawk, WI

The owners of this property desired a lakeside patio that would look and feel as if it were a natural extension of their property; this resulted in the selection of hardscape products with earthy aesthetics and an impressive overall design. Modular pavers, landscape blocks and retaining wall units manufactured by County Materials eased the installation process while providing a natural appearance.

The use of several pavers in unison with retaining wall block creates distinct areas on this patio. On the lower level, Destination® Pavers in Haven mirror the look of natural flagstone. The installer’s attention to detail included the subtle addition of Destination Pavers in Serenity and Timeless to add a unique blend of colors. 

The upper area utilizes Tranquility® Pavers in Haven. Tranquility Pavers offer clean lines with a textured surface, creating a crisp finished look with a natural finish. The textured nonslip surface and abrasion resistance of Tranquility pavers make it an ideal paver for the patio’s kitchen area. 

Summit Stone® Landscape Units create a simple seat wall on the patio’s outside perimeter with an unimpeded view of the lake. Summit Stone Landscape Units’ dimensional shape and multiple unit sizes make them ideal for constructing custom outdoor features.

Oversize Landscape Step Units were integrated into the design to offer a consistent and safe step down to the water and to tie into the overall natural theme. 

Manufactured concrete pavers, retaining wall units, landscape block and step units all came together in this lakeside retreat to create a raised outdoor living space with stunning lakefront views. The selection of manufactured concrete hardscape products, as opposed to natural stone, eased installation and reduced installation time and costs. 

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