County Materials Ups the Ante for Chicago Mile-Long Bridge Project


Tri-State Corridor (I-294) Mile-Long Bridge Southwest of Chicago


F.H. Paschen

Project Name:

Mile Long Bridge

Additional Info.

Project Owner: Illinois State Toll Highway Authority (ISTHA) Project Engineer: LHQ Tri-State Partners, Project Erector: Metropolitan Steel

n 2019, County Materials began production on the largest prestressed concrete bridge girders manufactured in the Midwest to date. These colossal girders measure 90 inches tall by 187 feet long and weigh a breathtaking 240,000 pounds. In total, County Materials manufactured 273 concrete girders of various sizes for the Illinois’ Mile-Long Bridge project. This essential corridor, that is traveled by 150,000 vehicles daily, is undergoing reconstruction to increase capacity for both the northbound and the southbound bridges. The new Mile-Long Bridge is expected to open for traffic in 2023.

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