County Materials Manufactures 28-Ton Custom Precast Structure

County Materials Manufactures 28-Ton Custom Precast Structure


Odanah, WI

A custom precast concrete structure manufactured by County Materials Corporation was instrumental in preventing erosion of a drainage ditch and avoiding major damage along Elm Hoist Road on the Bad River Indian Reservation in Odanah, WI.

Heavy rains frequently caused a swamp near the roadway to rise. To prevent flooding, the swamp had in place a 48” diameter reinforced concrete drainage pipe to discharge water under the road to a drainage ditch on the opposite side. The water flowing out of the pipe was beginning to cause erosion along the drainage ditch. To overcome this issue, County Materials was tasked with designing and manufacturing a 56,400lb dissipater to be placed along the discharge pipe to slow the speed of water.

The structure is the largest dissipater County Materials has manufactured. Due to the large size, County Materials’ drafters and production team had to work together to divide the structure in two for transportation Utilizing drafting software, the drafting team figured out the best place to divide the structure. Careful consideration was taken to determine the weight of each half and the resulting shape of each half to prevent any rolling or shifting that could cause safety issues in the plant or field while moving the components. In addition, the structure was a complex system that required multiple pours to complete. County Materials received job information in August 2018—two months later the structure arrived on site and was successfully installed.

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