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Country Club Rd Business

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Serenity (Tranquility Pavers), Inspired (Reflection Stone)


Wausau, WI

As part of their recent pool renovation, the Wausau Country Club wanted to give their pool house a fresh look, including an updated restroom/changing area and a new bar area for the members’ enjoyment. The use of masonry was an essential element in creating a space the members could be proud of.

In examining the existing facility, it was first determined that the existing pool house should be demolished. However, the existing grade beam foundation was used for a large part of the new building.

The design of the new 1,832 sq. ft. structure emulates the adjacent clubhouse building’s features as much as possible. This includes incorporating a hexagon shape, which gives an effect similar to the octagonal ‘tower’ elements in the clubhouse while still fitting in the available space. One major design challenge was choosing the materials for the interior wall of the bar area. Because the bar area is open on the north and west sides, the walls should be considered an exterior surface. The first suggestion was to install the same cedar shake siding as was used on the exterior walls of the pool house and the clubhouse. However, the manager wanted to do something in the bar area to set it apart from the rest of the building. The ultimate choice turned out to be a blended color concrete masonry veneer that resembles stone. Nearly 400 sq. feet of the new 1.25” thick decorative veneer was installed. The rugged, multiple sized concrete units lend texture to the space and give character to the bar area. They echo the concrete paving units in appearance, and were used on the bar to integrate the entire space. The veneer gives the Wausau Country Club Pool House bar area a very distinguished and unique feel.

Extra time was taken to ensure that the stone work and the installation was done properly. The masonry crew worked hard to make sure the heights of the units coursed out correctly on this unique layout. They had to cut and install units around many corners, cabinet doors, and under the bar.

From the minute the renderings were displayed, many club members expressed their excitement and approval of the design. Once the construction was completed, contractors and architect alike received many comments about the design and overall beauty of the building, and how well it complements the existing clubhouse.

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