Construction Schedule Met with Unique Specifications and Winter Weather Delays

Construction Schedule Met with Unique Specifications and Winter Weather Delays


Whitestown, IN


JRA Architecture


Pepper Construction of Indiana

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Project Owner: Exeter Property Group: Engineer: Smith; Roberts & Associates Inc.; Erector: Sealed-Rite Inc.

Solutions: Unique ISW design specifications, quick, all-weather installation maximized construction schedule

The Whitestown Business Center welcomed its largest construction in the area to date. This massive warehouse spans over 500,000 sq. ft. and is expandable to twice its current size with 94 dock doors, four drive-in doors, and over 300 parking spaces. The building is owned by Exeter Property Group and intended to be leased with the possibility for expansion.

Pepper Construction of Indiana was contracted for its extensive background in modern, high performance buildings. To ensure quick installation, exceptional thermal value, and product availability, County Materials’ Insulated Sandwich Walls were specified.

County Materials worked directly with the contractor and the erector to ensure the precast panels were manufactured with the correct specifications, allowing them to be installed upon arrival. The project design called for dock door spacing of 13’6” on center, while County Materials’ panels typically allow for 12’ on center spacing. To accommodate the unique design, County Materials’ head drafter designed a special panel that met the 13’6” requirement.

Winter weather affected strip footing and warehouse pad preparation, which pushed panel delivery. Through the uncertainty of the weather, County Materials remained in consistent communication with the erector to schedule a new delivery date within the original construction schedule. Once preparation was complete, the panels arrived on-site to be installed, despite weather conditions. With less hours of daylight, both the erector and County Materials worked steadily to keep the project on schedule.

The large warehouse project took over 129,300 sq.ft. of structural, loadbearing, Insulated Sandwich Walls to complete. County Materials manufactured and delivered each of 317 panels from its Whitestown, IN operation. In addition to the structural and safety benefits Insulated Sandwich Walls offer, County Materials provides unparalleled service and attention to detail to ensure each project meets expectations.

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