Renewable™ Pavers Help Meet Municipality's Runoff Standards

Renewable™ Pavers Help Meet Municipality's Runoff Standards

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Bellevue, WI


RMA Architects


Lizer Landscaping

As communities continue to grow, more areas are converted to impervious surfaces such as parking lots and buildings. This type of urbanization can increase runoff and pollutants that enter local lakes and streams. To combat this effect many municipalities are requiring more permeable surfaces be planned in new developments. In the case of this Buffalo Wild Wings restaurant in Bellevue, Wis., the village required the development to include a minimum of 25 percent of the total lot area as greenspace. Permeable pavers manufactured by County Materials Corporation made that possible while also maximizing the amount of buildable space.

During early planning stages, County Materials worked with the architect to explain the benefits of a permeable paver system and pointed out that storm water management systems count towards the village’s green space calculation. The architect took this information to the development owner who quickly realized the benefits of incorporating permeable pavers into the parking lot.  The architect specified Renewable™ Permeable Pavers in Timeless for the outside perimeter of the parking lot. The deep gray Timeless color minimizes the visual presence of the pavers in the parking lot and keeps the main focus on the popular restaurant’s recognizable brand.

County Materials’ close partnership was a reoccurring theme throughout the planning and installation phases to ensure the project’s quality and long-term performance. Early in the process, County Materials called a pre-installation meeting with the landscaping, general and excavation contractors to answer any questions and to clarify the proper base layer composition for filtering and capturing contaminants.

Renewable Permeable Pavers by County Materials made it possible for the village to bring a popular restaurant to the area, while maintaining runoff standards that contribute to keeping local waterways clean. Overall, the village and project owner were happy with the result and impressed by the pavers’ performance.

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