Bradley, IL Box Culvert Project

Bradley, IL Box Culvert Project


Bradley, IL


Kankakee Valley Construction Corporation

Teamwork Pays Off in Bradley, IL Box Culvert Project

Communication and teamwork were the keys to the successful manufacture and installation of a pair of box culverts manufactured by County Materials for a 2013 spring project in Bradley, IL.
In order to divert storm water around existing utility installations, the 16’ x 5’, 600 foot long culverts required one 45° and two 90° elbows. The contractor, Kankakee Valley Construction Corporation, requested bell and spigot elbows to facilitate installation. County Materials’ Charleston, IL crew used many unique and labor intensive production methods to cast each elbow in two halves. Each half weighed 90,000 pounds and was by itself a full truckload. Despite their massive size, the pieces fit together like a jigsaw puzzle at the job site.
Consistent heavy rains interfered with the delivery of 103 loads of additional material. Maintaining constant communication with each other and with KVCC’s project manager, County Materials employees from both Charleston and Champaign, IL worked together to get the loads to the jobsite in a timely and efficient manner.

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