Award-Winning Patio Pushes Ready-Mix to its Limits

Award-Winning Patio Pushes Ready-Mix to its Limits

The homeowners of this property chose to use stamped and colored ready-mix on their back patio and pool after witnessing the impressive performance and look ready-mix offered their radiant heated driveway over the last two years. Ready-mix would also accommodate the many custom features designed into their backyard retreat.

Ready-mix was used on this project to create an expansive patio area, steps, retaining walls, a pool, a waterfall and mechanical rooms. Each feature required a different design mix to meet project demands and aesthetic choices.

The first mix was a white cement with a sapphire blue admixture used to form the pool; the surface was shot blasted and the sapphire color was chosen to give the water a bright blue hue.

Sandstone integrally colored ready-mix was poured and stamped for the main patio area, then bordered with a charcoal integrally colored mix. The same theme of sandstone and charcoal colored ready-mix was used to create rooms to house the pool’s mechanics. Throughout the project, custom made molds were used to shape the pool’s waterfall, and the small retaining walls on each side.

Job challenges included careful attention to maintaining uniformity of color and texture throughout the project, proper pitching to handle storm water runoff, and coordination between the many trades involved. The project included a significant amount of underground plumbing and mechanics that were either covered in or molded directly into concrete.

The project was designed and executed by many skilled craftsmen and artisans. Throughout the process, there was a considerable amount of collaboration with multiple trades, with each bringing their own expertise. The many challenges that came up throughout the project were all solved collectively. The owners knew they were taking a risk with this project by pushing concrete to its limits, but it paid off.

In 2018, Alchemy Concrete of Nelsonville, Wis., was awarded in the Wisconsin Ready-Mix Association's 36th Annual Concrete Design Awards in the Decorative Residential Category for their impressive work on this residential patio and pool area. 

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