Aspirus Doctor's Clinic

Aspirus Doctor's Clinic


Advance Concrete & Excavating, Inc.

WRMCA 2012 Award Winning Project

Education, Healthcare & Public Category

Designed with durability, cost and safety in mind, the Aspirus Clinic parking lot project was completed within a tight construction schedule to meet the customer’s needs.   Challenges included working within specified time constraints, and in adverse weather conditions that are typical in early spring.

County Materials’ design mixes were 5000 PSI with fiber mesh added to ensure durability of the concrete.  Evaporation retardants were sprayed using man lifts. Curing compounds were also applied early after the pours to ensure evaporation controls were in place.  With an average pour size of 500 to 700 yards, a laser screed machine automatically leveled the concrete and was used to provide state-of-the art accuracy regarding the drain design.

Cost and safety were at the heart of the decision to use concrete for this project.  Concrete was the natural choice because it provides high durability along with lower long-term maintenance costs.  Concrete also allows for additional safety  features for patients and employees at the clinic because of increased reflective lighting properties and silhouette profiles compared to alternative products, such as asphalt.

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