Ambitious Landscaping Project Built with Variety of County Materials Hardscape Products

Ambitious Landscaping Project Built with Variety of County Materials Hardscape Products


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The homeowner’s design goal for this backyard living space was to have many features that each accommodates diverse needs and several functions. County Materials supplied decorative concrete pavers, retaining wall units, deck pavers, and masonry units to create this ambitious landscaping project.

Closest to the home is a raised patio utilizing Skylands™ Concrete Deck Pavers. Skylands Pavers allowed for a sturdy platform on the deck that matches the aesthetics throughout the rest of the project and offers a longer lasting surface than wood decking.

County Block® Jumbo Retaining Wall System units were used throughout the project to manage elevation. Near the home, County Block raises the patio to create an outdoor kitchen area overlooking the rest of the backyard. The outdoor kitchen was created with a combination of Tribute® Retaining Wall System units, Summit Stone® Landscape Units, Reflection Brick® Masonry Units, and a natural stone veneer. Opposite the kitchen there is a custom fountain feature and seat wall made with many of the same products, in addition to County Materials’ Crest Bullnose Pavers™ to top it off.

Elements Paving Stones™ in Haven color comprise a majority of the patio and are bordered by Elements in Serenity and Reflection. Tribute Retaining Wall units are utilized throughout the patio to create decorative pillars.

The biggest challenge for this project was working with the many elevation changes. Often in a project as complex as this one, an architect or engineer will frequently visit the site to ensure elevations and installation stay on track. Here, the contractor designed the project so that every element could be built with the equipment they had and with knowledge they could implement in the field.

Another challenge this project posed was finding all the perfect materials to create the desired accent colors and textures. This challenge was alleviated by picking County Materials as a supplier who has a wide variety of hardscape materials readily available. Whenever the contractor was looking for more materials or a new style, County Materials quickly delivered product to the site and kept the job moving.

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