Multiple Hardscape Products and Collaboration Result in One-of-a-kind Application

Multiple Hardscape Products and Collaboration Result in One-of-a-kind Application

Product Colors:

Serenity & Vision (Elements), Silvertone (Tribute Retaining Walls), Timeless (Summit Stone)


Oxford, WI


Property Works, LLC

Solution: Elevation management, modern aesthetic, barrier wall for seclusion.

The Tribute® Retaining Wall System and Summit Stone® Landscape Units manufactured by County Materials were integral in meeting two key goals of this residential outdoor living space. The first goal was to construct the patio while keeping the site's elevation changes relatively intact. The second goal was to create an outdoor living space and patio that would offer a secluded feel. The contractor, Property Works, LLC, installed Tribute Retaining Wall System units to create a short retaining wall that managed the highest elevation by the home. Summit Stone Landscape Units created a beautifully rounded seat wall that wraps around the entire patio.

The project installation process took place under a unique collaboration between the contractor and homeowners. Many decisions were made as the project was built. This process demonstrated the trust the homeowner had in the contractor, their confidence in the products, as well as the contractor’s expertise to be make changes right up to completion to provide the homeowners with an outdoor area they can be proud of.

A blended gray color scheme was selected throughout the project for its modern aesthetic. This look was accomplished by utilizing Tribute blocks in the Silvertone color option and Summit Stone units in the Timeless color option. The modular design of County Materials’ hardscape products allowed for a band of Elements™ Paving Stones in Serenity to be placed along the curved Summit Stone wall. This band creates an accent that gives this intimate space a subtle wow factor.

The contractor said this job was difficult yet rewarding and required a lot of attention to detail. The curved wall was made up of landscape blocks of many different shapes that were installed vertically and horizontally, creating a one-of-a-kind look. Elements Paving Stones in Serenity with a border in Vision were utilized to create the patio space.

“Our sales representative from County Materials was deeply involved with this project,” said John Easterly of Property Works. “His hands-on approach assured we had what we needed when we needed it. The quality, colors, and availability of County Materials’ product made us feel confident in suggesting County Materials to the homeowners.”

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