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The Basic Level 1 course covers current industry approved SRW installation guidelines, material and system component properties, soils and compaction and site practices.

Installer Certification Benefits:

• Provides competitive advantage over non- certified peers
• Enhances marketability
• Demonstrates dedication to industry
• Improves construction quality
• Increases product knowledge and equipment awareness
Landscape design professionals will take the NCMA’s Level 1 SRW Installer certification exam after participating in the Basic program.

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ICPI Concrete Paver Installer Course:

About the Course

The two-day classroom course is designed to enhance the knowledge of individuals with at least one year’s experience in the construction of interlocking concrete pavements. The registration fee includes a student manual and an exam. Those who attend the course and pass the exam receive a Record of Completion for the course. Attendance at this course is one of the requirements for earning a Concrete Paver Installer Certification.

The following topics are covered:

• Material and labor estimating
• Job planning and layout
• Soil classification and compaction
• Soil compaction
• Bedding and joint sand
• Paver selection and installation
• Use of labor-saving specialty tools
• Edge restraints
• Base material selection and compaction
• Contract basics
• Safety
• Maintenance and Management
• Specialty Applications
• Estimating and job costing

Reasons for ICPI Training and Certification

• Meet industry guidelines- Learn how to meet or exceed industry established guidelines and best practices for paver installers.
• Reduce costs- What you learn will help you reduce or eliminate costly call backs.
• National promotion- ICPI promotes paver installers in its literature, website and videos.
• Supplier promotion- Many ICPI manufacturer members promote the program to the general public.
• Meet customer expectations- Today’s consumers are more sophisticated and demanding. They expect trades people, including interlocking pavement installers, to meet certain criteria.
• Meet designer/specifier expectations- Design professionals specify installation by ICPI Certified Concrete Paver Installers.
• Benefit your bottom line- Professional instructors will show you how to increase your bottom line through greater installation efficiency.
• Dispute resolution- Adherence to ICPI guidelines means you have the weight of the industry on your side in the event of a dispute.
• Justify your price-Certification can be a powerful marketing tool. Demonstrate to your customers that you are installing interlocking concrete pavements consistent with industry developed guidelines, helping to support your pricing compared to those who are not certified.

Who Should Attend?

The ICPI Concrete Paver Installer Course has been designed for all individuals involved in the residential and commercial installation of interlocking concrete pavements, including:

• Company owners and principals
• Job superintendents
• Forepersons and supervisors
• Crew leaders
• Crew members (with minimum one year installation experience)

Why Apply for Certification?

The ICPI Concrete Paver Installer Course imparts the necessary knowledge and industry guidelines required to build pavements using concrete pavers. Going further by passing the certification exam and meeting the minimum installation experience requirements demonstrates that you meet the criteria established by the industry as a true “ICPI Certified Installer.”

Requirements for Certification

1. Attend the Concrete Paver Installer Course and earn a passing score of 75% or higher on the certification exam.

2. Submit an Application for Certification, documenting a minimum of 10,000 sq. ft. of paver installation.


ICPI PICP Specialist Course:

Who Should Attend?

The PICP Specialist Course is designed for contractors who are presently doing residential and/or commercial segmental paving projects or who wish to move into the permeable interlocking concrete paver market. The companies might already be installing permeable pavement, or are aiming to expand into the permeable pavement market.

Participants should be experienced contractors, with experience in concrete paver installation. There are no pre-requisites for attending the PICP Specialist course; however we do recommend that participants have previously completed the ICPI Concrete Paver Installer course.

Why Should You Attend?

Knowledge: Industry professionals share knowledge of industry guidelines, practices, and advances applicable to the construction of interlocking concrete pavement systems.

Recognition: Participants will receive a Record of Completion upon successful completion of the course and exam, and a designation is available for additional recognition.

On-going support: ICPI reinforces your knowledge by making available technical literature, guide specifications, marketing support, website listings, press releases, and opportunities for professional development.

Program Content:

• Permeable pavement overview and systems
• Job planning & documentation
• Job layout, flow & estimating quantities
• Soil & site characteristics
• Sub-base & base materials
• Edge restraints
• Bedding & jointing materials
• Paver selection & installation
• Maintenance

Earn a Record of Completion

• Attend the PICP Specialist Course
• Pass the Exam
• Receive a Record of Completion

Earn a PICP Specialist Designation

• Hold a current ICPI Concrete Paver Installer Certification
• Fill out a designation application documenting installation experience
• Receive a PICP Specialist Statement of Designation

This Program is approved for 7 CE credits of ICPI Installer Continuing Education.