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Craftsmanship With Purpose

We help customers bring their designs to life and foster inspiring outdoor living spaces they will enjoy for a lifetime.

With 75 years of experience, the County Materials team crafts long-lasting concrete landscape products that are used and loved by families across the country.

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DISTINCT Colors & Textures

Inspired by elements found in nature, we developed our color palette and texture options to exemplify bold and subtle expressions of mood and feeling. We concentrate the purest color pigments, finest aggregates, and densest concrete mix in the surface layer of each paving stone, where it’s visible and matters most. The refined surface of our pavers features a permanent, integrally blended layer of high-strength concrete mix. It’s the perfect combination of vibrant color pigments and solid surface materials for rich, long-lasting colors. Our pavers create an ambiance that encourages lingering outdoors, creating memories, and sharing time with loved ones.

Inspiring Color Combinations

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LASTING Performance

Our products are designed and manufactured to stand up to the effects of time, weathering from Mother Nature, and abrasion from frequent usage in everyday life. The high density of our pavers and slabs resists cracking and damage from freeze/ thaw cycles and meets industry standards for strength and absorption. Featuring non-fading colors and natural characteristics, our pavers and slabs complement your property, creating an inviting space that makes your house a home.


Genesis means provenance, a beginning, carving potential into substance. We developed our proprietary Genesis Face-Mix Technology® to manufacture beautifully designed pavers and slabs that are backed by the strength and longevity of quality concrete. Genesis Face-Mix Technology integrally bonds face-mix to the base of each unit, resulting in exceptional durability, lasting color performance, and captivating surface textures.


Since 1946, County Materials’ team members have dedicated their talents to producing quality products for everyday projects. From modern pool decks and patios to timeless outdoor kitchens, discover the potential of our concrete landscape products.


We help landscaping professionals and homeowners create the designs of their dreams. Our customers trust that when they choose County Materials, they are partnering with an experienced, devoted team that is willing to go the extra mile for lifelong satisfaction.

We are passionate about making products and spaces that bring people together. Every day, we commit ourselves to the betterment of our neighborhoods, community organizations, customers, and team members.

Learn more about our products and applications.


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