Landscape Supplies


Envirobond Jointing Material

Available as EnviroSAND for standard paver joints, and as
EnviroSTONE for flagstone joints, Envirobond products use
an organic binder to join the sand and/or crushed stone to prevent weed growth and insect infestation.

PROSOCO Cleaners & Sealers

Time, traffic and contaminants can scar an otherwise fine paving project, so protect your job with PROSOCO cleaning and sealing products.


ReVive helps remove a broad spectrum of biological deposits from vertical or horizontal masonry, stone and tile surfaces. Simply dilute with clean water as directed, and apply ReVive to the surface. A short contact time, gentle scrubbing and a water rinse are normally enough to remove light-to-moderate deposits of fungi, algae, lichen and bacteria typically encountered on building surfaces and monuments.