Insulating Concrete Forms (ICFs)

Insulating Concrete Forms (ICFs)

Achieve lasting strength & efficiency with ICFs

Insulating Concrete Forms (ICF's) provide a lasting building envelope, giving you all the benefits that have made concrete the material of choice for home building worldwide: Solid, lasting construction that resists the ravages of fire, wind, and Father Time. But ICF's do plain concrete one better – or rather, two better – by giving you two built-in layers of foam insulation.


ICF Commercial Applications

Insulating Concrete Forms make it easy to achieve sustainable construction and optimize a building’s lifetime performance. Because of their numerous advantages, ICFs are rapidly gaining market share in both above and below grade commercial applications.

ICF Residential Applications

When you live in an ICF home, it's easy to see and feel the difference, compared to traditional wood frame construction. Concrete can be exposed to the elements for centuries with few ill effects. Reinforcing steel, buried deep inside and protected by concrete’s alkalinity, does not corrode.